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Is Repairing A Work Truck's Frame Cost-Effective?

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Unlike modern cars, SUVs, and crossovers, most manufacturers still use body-on-frame construction for their truck lines. Whether your business uses full-size pickup trucks or something heavier-duty, your vehicles likely consist of a reinforced structural frame with a chassis bolted on top. While unibody construction offers many advantages, body-on-frame still reigns supreme in the commercial world.

One of the critical advantages of having a separate chassis is durability and repairability. Severe damage to a unibody vehicle's body may sometimes make repairs cost-prohibitive, but it often makes sense to repair body-on-frame trucks. Here are three situations where you'll want to consider repairing damaged frames on your work trucks.

1. Rust

Rust is a common problem in many climates, including areas that see frequent snow or anywhere close to saltwater. The steel frame on many trucks may be particularly susceptible to rusting due to constant exposure to the elements. Small scratches or other seemingly minor damage can often provide the foothold that rust needs, and leaving this situation unchecked can compromise the vehicle's safety.

The good news is that you can usually repair frame rust issues if you catch them early. An experienced shop can weld in replacements for rusted sections of the frame, and you can remove rust that hasn't yet penetrated the surface. Routine inspections will help to ensure that you catch rust problems early enough that repairing your frame is still a cost-effective option.

2. Road Impact Frame Damage

The chassis on your trucks can suffer damage even if they aren't involved in a collision. If your vehicles operate off-road, then hitting large holes or rocks can place stress on the frame. These impacts can be especially damaging if the truck is towing a trailer or carrying a heavy load at the time. Speed also affects frame damage severity, and even hitting a pothole at high speed can cause damage.

Fortunately, most body repair shops should be able to fix frames with minor bends or twists. Unless the truck is very old or has other issues, repairing a frame bent by an impact will usually be cheaper than replacing the entire vehicle.

3. Collision Issues

Even professional drivers occasionally become involved in accidents. While not every accident will cause frame damage, severe collisions can bend, twist, or otherwise ruin a truck's frame. A vehicle with its frame in this condition is often unsafe at worst and will rapidly wear suspension and steering components at best.

While minor rust and road impact damage can often be cost-effective to repair, collision damage will vary on a case-by-case basis. Even if the vehicle appears driveable, always have the frame evaluated by a qualified shop to ensure that a bent frame isn't creating hidden safety issues.

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19 March 2021