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How Do You Know When It Is Time To Get New Brake Pads?

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Do you own a vehicle? If so, you will need to replace some of your car parts at some point. Some parts are expected to need replacing. Even though car owners know this, some individuals get confused about when they should replace certain parts.

There are also drivers who wait until their vehicles show obvious signs that they need to get repairs or new parts. This can be dangerous. It can also cause damages to a vehicle. Brakes are one of the most common car parts that need to routinely get replaced. Some car owners get confused about brake replacements. The following points will help you to identify when you must replace your brakes.


When brake pads and rotors are in good condition, the braking process should be smooth and seamless. However, if there is an issue, the steering wheel of a vehicle will vibrate when the brake pedal is pressed. This is one of the most noticeable signs that new brake pads are needed or that a damaged rotor(s) is present. If you neglect to get new brake pads when needed, your rotors will eventually get damaged. 


The more you drive your vehicle, the sooner you will need new brake pads. Routine brake inspections will help you to identify when it is time to get new brake pads. You can get a general idea of when you need to replace your brake pads by keeping track of when you get them installed. 

Strange Sounds

Your brakes may make a few different sounds. The most serious sound is a grinding sound that sounds similar to one surface rubbing up against another surface. This is a sign that new brake pads are needed immediately. Ignoring this sound could result in damage to your brake rotors. 


A working brake system responds to a soft pressing of the brake pedal. If your vehicle starts taking longer to respond to your braking, it is a sign that there is an issue with your brake system. This issue should be inspected by a mechanic. It can pose a safety threat that results in a car accident. 

An auto repair shop can inspect your brakes to ensure that your braking system is safe. They can advise you when to replace your brakes. The technicians can perform the service for you. The life expectancy of your current brakes could differ from what the manufacturer states. You might need to replace your brakes sooner if you have fast driving habits and if the driving conditions you drive in involve rough terrain.


1 July 2020