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Choosing A Replacement Truck Mirror: Some Important Criteria

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When you replace the mirrors on your truck, you must go about the selection process the right way. The wrong mirror will not be functional, nor will it work with the built-in features on your vehicle. Learn about some different factors you want to keep in mind while you make your decision.


Always begin your search by knowing the make, model, and year of your truck. Online retailers typically allow you to browse their selection of truck parts by using this information as a filter. Not only does it narrow down the options that work for your vehicle, but it also greatly reduces the risk of you purchasing a part that is not compatible with your vehicle. Even if the part is not from the original equipment manufacturer, if it is stated as intended for use on your vehicle, it should work.


It might seem like a minor thing to remember, but ensuring you have the correct location of the mirror when you search is important. Every vehicle has two side mirrors, but retailers do not always sell the mirrors as a set. Typically, they are labeled as a right-side mirror or a left-side mirror. As you search, make sure you look at options for the side you want to replace, because a mirror for the right side will not fit the left side, and vice versa. 


Trucks use either a power or manual option to adjust their settings. Power-operated mirrors typically have a button located within the control panel or on the door panel to adjust the mirror. With a manual option, you have to reach your arm out and physically move the mirror. You should know which of the two styles your truck operates with. Keep in mind that if your truck has a power adjustment that saves the mirror setting for each driver, you want to look for a powered mirror with memory features. 


Consider which additional features your current truck mirror has so that you can choose a replacement mirror with the same features. For example, if your mirror has a turn signal feature built in, or defrost capabilities, or an auto-dimming feature, you need to ensure the replacement mirror has the same capabilities; otherwise, you will lose some of the functionality you rely on. You also can't choose a mirror with these features if your truck is not wired to support them, as they will not work.

Visit a truck part retailer to find what you need.


25 February 2020