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Things To Consider When Renting A Moving Truck

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When it comes time to move your household, you have the option of hiring movers to do it all, using your or a friend's truck to get your belongings from one place to the other, or renting a moving truck. Of course, you may also use combinations of the different methods listed above. Regardless of who is doing the packing and loading, if you need to rent a truck to facilitate the move, there are a few important things you need to be sure you understand before signing the rental agreement.

Mileage Fees

Most moving truck rentals charge a base fee and then a fee for the mileage you put on the truck. While it might seem simple enough to just ask how much is charged per mile and go with the company that charges the least, this is not always the best option. You need to find out if the mileage starts as soon as you leave the lot, if they allow for a few miles to get to your moving location, or if they have a specific number of miles that are included with the base fee before they start charging you. 


If you are involved in any type of accident that causes damage to the truck, will your own auto insurance cover it? Quite often, your insurance will cover any vehicle you happen to be driving. However, there may also be a clause that states the vehicle cannot be commercial. Talk with your agent to find out if a moving truck will be covered or not. Ask them to be specific, and consider getting the answer in writing so that the company cannot later say you aren't covered. If you find out that your insurance is not enough, you may be able to add it to your policy. Of course, you may also purchase coverage from the rental company. This is often the best option if there is any question about coverage. Be sure to add the cost for this into your budget, regardless of where you get it.

Drop Off Location

If you are moving more than an hour away, you may want to drop the truck off at a different location than where you picked it up. However, there may be an extra charge for this. You need to consider how much you would have to pay in gas and mileage if you were to drive the vehicle back to the original location and compare that to any extra fee for dropping at a different location.

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27 January 2020